If you’re unsure about which approval symbols to look out for on your beacons, lightbars and LED lighting – we’ve probably got the answer here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch.



CE mark

CE mark

This mark is a self-certification, rather than a test mark and confirms that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives and regulations.

The mark may be placed on the product itself or anywhere on the packaging to indicate conformance.

All of our products carry CE markings.


ECE Regulations

These mark confirm that the lamp has been tested against ECE Regulations and complies.

The first mark shows the lamp has been tested and complies to the rules on electro-magnetic compatibility.  These tests used to be carried out against either EC Directive 2004/104/EC or 2006/28/EC but now are only covered by ECE Regulation 10.

All warning lights along with other vehicle electrical equipment require it, else it could invalidate your insurance and MOT. This is through the Road Vehicle (Construction & Use) Regulations and is enforceable by the DVSA.

The second mark (round) shows that the lamp meets the requirements of ECE Regulation 65.

These exacting tests cover the flash rate, flash intensity and dispersion as well as the reliability and water resistance of the product. For more technical information on this certification, contact us.

All vehicles working on the highway that need to conform to ‘Chapter 8’ must carry at least two beacons, or a lightbar with two sources of light that are approved to ECE Regulation 65.

The majority of our warning products are R65 approved!